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Richard Stark is one of the preeminent authors-and inventors-of noir crime fiction. Stark's recent Parker novels Comeback and Backflash were selected as New York Times Notable Books of the Year. His first novel, The Hunter, became the classic 1967 movie Point Blank. Thirty years later The Hunter was adapted again by Hollywood, in the hit Mel Gibson movie Payback.

Richard Stark is also, at times, mystery Grand Master Donald E. Westlake.


1. Point Blank (1962) aka The Hunter / Payback
2. The Steel Hit (1963)aka The Man with the Getaway Face
3. The Outfit (1963)
4. The Mourner (1963)
5. The Score (1964) aka Killtown
6. The Jugger (1965)
7. The Seventh (1966)aka The Split
8. The Handle (1966) aka Run Lethal
9. The Rare Coin Score (1967)
10. The Green Eagle Score (1967)
11. The Black Ice Score (1965)
12. The Sour Lemon Score (1969)
13. Slayground (1971)
14. Deadly Edge (1971)
15. Plunder Squad (1972)
16. Butcher's Moon (1974)
17. Comeback (1997)
18. Backflash (1998)
19. Flashfire (2000)
20. Firebreak (2001)
21. Breakout (2002)
22. Nobody Runs Forever (2004)
23. Ask the Parrot (2006)
24. Dirty Money (2008)

Alan Grofield

4. Lemons Never Lie (1971)		


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Thanks, Bookeek. I love the Parker novels. This torrent simplifies things for me very nicely.

A sincere thanks, also, to Mr. Westlake. RIP, Donald.
Thanks for this. Just saw the trailer for the new Statham flick and that got me interested in the series. Wikipedia can't seem to decide if the film is based on /The Hunter/ or /Flashfire/. Does anyone know which it actually is?

For the record, Adobe Reader is anything but tiny. It is bloated and excessively resource hungry. My laptop grinds to a halt every time I run it even though it has no problem watching movies with multiple OpenOffice documents open, dozens of tabs in Opera, and multiple documents open in Foxit (a free PDF reader that actually is relatively tiny; details below).

The last time I tried to substitute Adobe for Foxit in that arrangement the poor thing crashed. Since then Adobe has only existed so that Calibre can load DRMed books onto our readers (nevermind the fact that DRM does nothing to slow down pirates – as evidenced by TPB – but greatly hinders legitimate users; thankfully some companies have finally figured that out).

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Fabulous torrent file---Has all book covers and metadata---Thank You for the upload